The latest Communication and PR projects that I have been working on. I am always looking for a new venture, so feel free to contact me for potential collaborations, including practical witchcraft and apple picking.
January 2018


EMA (Eurodesk Mobility Advisor) is a chatbot – a computer program which converses with people by using artificial intelligence, convincingly simulating how a human Eurodesk officer would behave as a conversational partner. We are currently writing an algorithm and testing the beta version with our users. Eventually the chatbot will be able to provide the information about the mobility opportunities in several different languages as well as redirect the user to the local contact point.
This tool that will not only assist the users with a wide array of needs, but will do it in a flash as well as personalise the communication, for example by using the customer’s name or language. Finally, the chatbot will give us an opportunity to  gather and analyse user’s data and monitor behavioural patterns to optimise the  services we provide, as well as proactively reach out to our target audience, as oppose to passively wait for their initial engagement.



November 2017


Erasmus programme is a 30 year old scheme that provides excellent learning and cooperation opportunities, allowing people to broaden their horizons and develop new skills through a period of mobility abroad. The Erasmusx10 Campaign has been launched by the Lifelong Learning Platform, European Youth Forum and Eurodesk in order to call for a more ambitious programme by increasing Erasmus+ budget ten times as negotiations begin for the next generation of EU programmes post-2020.

I am working on the communications part of the campaign, including social media advertising and press kit, like this promo video:

You can find more information here .
May 2018


“How to Start Up” was a series of lectures and workshops dedicated to educating, connecting, promoting, and celebrating  entrepreneurship. The events were designed to stimulate an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’, encouraging the participants to be more adaptable to change, open to new ideas and less afraid to take risks.

Having integrated within the local entrepreneur community lead me to take responsibility of finding and establishing the potential partnership for the execution of the project, communication as well as fundraising. Conveying an organization’s internal and external messages have been gratifying, as well as contributed significantly in expanding my skillset. I also performed a role as an assistant of design thinking workshops as well as managed communication with press, general public and various stakeholders.



December 2017


In comparison with the growing global awareness of LGBT people, relatively little is understood about those who are intersex. Equivalently, the increasing number of institutions and governments include intersex issues in their work. The social media campaign #IWannaKnow was based on three cornerstones: Acceptance. Awareness. Education.

The goals of the campaign were to increase awareness around intersexuality, to educate general public about the issues that the intersex community faces and to address shame and stigma around intersexuality, that prevents visibility.

Video footage © POP SUGAR     //    Music © Lisa Hannigan ‘I Don’t Know’
May 2016


As a participant of a startup weekend in Bremen, we initiated the campaign “The 21 Day Green ChallengeThe concept was developed within the framework of Green Gamification, which utilises game mechanics to accelerate the adoption of sustainable living. We offered daily challenge fun and simpletoachieve green actions, like hugging a vegan or sharing a shower, which would not be rejected as timeconsuming or otherwise inconvenient.
The point system, leaderboards and other features, that are well known from the video gameswere used to feed the hunger of instant gratification. Meanwhile, the option to create your own challenge was offered in order to strengthen social ties, boost creativity and increase the outreach.

The campaign, that lasted for 21 days, was continually accumulating momentum. However, it was too short a period of time to both gather the audience and execute the plan. It would be beneficial to implement the same project multiple times or extend the anticipatory precampaigning stage.
Social media tools, namely Facebook, were utilised for the trial version of the project. The platform demonstrated the shortcomings and limited the execution. The following stage is the development of a customised platform  – an app and a website.